John Henry Earle Berkeley

9th Feb 1784 - 7th Jan 1839

Claimant or beneficiary


Owner with Thomas Berkeley of the Paradise, Mt Horne, Plaisance, Springs and Paraclete estates in Grenada, for all of which the compensation was awarded to the Berkeley's mortgagee Archibald Paull.

  1. Son of Henry Earle Berkeley and his wife Mary nee Elliot. Married his first cousin Mary Elizabeth Berkeley (1792-), daughter of George Berkeley (1760-1821) in Basseterre, 15/12/1808. His business partner Thomas Berkeley was probably his uncle (b. 1770) who was given as deceased in John's will.

  2. Death of John Earle Berkeley at Grenada aged 55 1839. Will of John Henry Earle Berkeley of Grenada but presently residing in London proved 27/03/1839.


T71/880 Grenada Nos. 700, 772, 773, 775; John Berkeley of Middlesex also counterclaimed as creditor on Grenada Nos. 467 and 774; and John Berkeley of the City of London counterclaimed on Antigua No. 930. John Berkeley also appears as a trustee in St Kitts No. 674 in which Thomas Berkeley of Brussels was originally claimant.

  1. Vere Langford Oliver, Caribbeana being miscellaneous papers relating to the history, genealogy, topography, and antiquities of the British West Indies (6 vols., London, Mitchell, Hughes and Clarke, 1910-1919) Vol. VI pp. 17-22.

  2. Times 19/03/1839 p. 7; PROB 11/1907.

We are grateful to Peter Selley for his assistance with compiling this entry.

Further Information

Mary Elizabeth Berkeley
7 sons, 6 daughters

PROB 11/1907/414 - precis.

John Berkeley of Grenada planter, at present residing in London.

All my real and personal estates and all other property for the use of my wife Mary Berkeley, sons George Berkeley and Henry Berkeley upon trust to be managed by them for the benefit, support and maintenance of my said whife and all of my children by her share and share alike in the annual revenue, first charging them with an annuity of £1000 to my wife for life and second upon the estates as a first lieu to Mrs Thomas Berkeley, widow of my late uncle and Miss Mina [Nina?] Berkeley their daughter. To each of my chidlren at age 21 years, the proportion of my property which they then be entitled to; during their minority their interests to be paid to my wife for their support and education.

To my wife Mary, sons George and Henry and daughter Julia I leave the care of each of my younger children. Henry to continue to be the acting manager of my estates in Grenada; he to take a salary not exceeding £400 as salary.

My wife Mary and sons George and Henry to be exectuors.

Signed 24/05/1838.

Proved at London 27/03/1839 by the oath of Mary Elizabeth (in the will Mary) Berkeley, widow and George Thomas (in the will George) Berkeley Esquire the son. Power reserved also to Maurice Henry Hewetson Berkeley (in the will Henry Berkeley) Esquire the son and other executor.

Associated Claims (6)

£4,969 7s 10d
Unsuccessful claimant
£3,629 8s 7d
Unsuccessful claimant
£1,358 17s 8d
Unsuccessful claimant
£3,140 18s 5d
Unsuccessful claimant
£2,876 0s 6d
Unsuccessful claimant
£2,022 14s 9d

Associated Estates (7)

The dates listed below have different categories as denoted by the letters in the brackets following each date. Here is a key to explain those letter codes:

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  • SY - Association Start Year
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1817 [EA] - → Attorney
1829 [EA] - 1834 [LA] → Joint owner
1820 [EA] - 1820 [LA] → Other

'John Berkeley of Grenada' is shown as purchasing the enslaved people on Pagoa c. 1820 and shipping them to Grenada. This is inferred to be John Henry Earle Berkeley (q.v.) whose Paradise estate on Grenada shows an equivalent rise in the number of enslaved people on it around the same time.

1829 [EA] - 1834 [LA] → Joint owner
1817 [EA] - 1834 [LA] → Joint owner
1829 [EA] - 1834 [LA] → Joint owner
1826 [EA] - → Owner

Relationships (2)

Grandson → Grandfather
Nephew → Uncle

Addresses (1)

London, Middlesex, London, England