Jamaica St Ann 524 (Penshurst)

10th May 1843 | 0 Enslaved | £204 15s 0d

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Not listed in Parliamentary Papers.


T71/857: claim by Gilbert Wm Senior, tenant for life. Numerous counterclaims including Rev Robt Hawthorn, Great Britain, judgement creditor from June 1803 for £1727 9s 9d. Sarah Jane Keith Senior claimed under the will of Sarah Jane Lawrence to be entitled to 'an estate in fee of and in the slaves of this claim, on the death of Gilbert William senior without issue'. Rev. Robert Hawthorn gets interest and accruals only. Gilbert Wm Senior admittted Sarah Jane Keith Senior's claim, then died.


Joseph Sturge and Thomas Harvey, The West Indies in 1837 (London, Hamilton, Adams, & Co., 1838) p. xliv: Penshurst, the property of Gilbert William Senior: 'ever since Lord Mulgrave came into the country, Massa has turned out very savage.' Pp.  xliv-xlvi: litany of complaint versus Senior for brutality. P. p. 211-212 and Appendix F Section v: James Williams case, made public in England as 'Narrative of Events'; George Wm Senior drawn into counter-correspondence.

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