Antigua 106 (Villa)

8th Feb 1836 | 41 Enslaved | £702 5s 2d

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Parliamentary Papers p. xxx.

T71/877: shows Henry Moreton Dyer as receiver to the estate of John Blackburn. Counterclaim by Henry Moreton Dyer as receiver of Alex Coates.

T71/1609: letter, dated 25/10/1835, from Henry Moreton Dyer, Tunbridge Wells, stating: this is not contested, it's simple: I'm receiver of Blackburn's estate; 107 and others ARE contested as they are between Blackburn and Coates. The letter also shows that Henry Moreton Dyer had received power of attorney from two cousins in St. Kitts - Arabella Louisa Burke and Renee C. Mercer, spinster. A note at the foot of letter says 'Best Compts from my family.'

Times 06/11/1856 p.12: shows Lyne vs. Thompson still running.

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