Jamaica St James 1 (New Montpelier Estate)

13th Mar 1837 | 276 Enslaved | £4696 13s 10d

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Parliamentary Papers p. 306.


T71/873: claim from Charles Rose Ellis, as owner-in-fee. Counterclaims from: Diana Frances Gorham, as administatrix of H. Murray, for arrears of annuity of £1118 13s 7d under will dated 24/09/1817; Dykes, Samuel and Henry Alexander ('Messrs Alexander & Co.'), as surviving assignees of an annuity of £200 (£947 12s 5d); Richard Creed, as a mortgagee for £12,000. Although the counterclaim of Diana Frances Gorham is connected with her capacity as administratrix of the will of Henry Murray of Ipswich (which was made 24/09/1817 and deals with the River View estate in St Thomas-in-the-East (and which alludes to an annuity on River View under the will of John Murray)), her counterclaim (T71/1214) for New Montpelier was based on an indenture of 03/04/1774 whereby John Ellis sold for £2200 an annuity of £200 p.a. to Henry Murray Captain of HM 15th Regiment of Foot for the lives of himself [aged c. 30] and his wife Ann [aged c. 25] secured on Montpelier. In 1817 Henry Murray and his wife Ann assigned the annuity to the Alexanders, hence the counterclaim by the Ipswich bankers, and in 1819 Henry Murray died, since when the annuity had ceased to be paid. His widow Ann died in 1829.


Jamaica Almanac (1828): estate registered to Lord Seaford, with 306 enslaved persons.

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New Montpelier Estate

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