Henry Alexander

24th Aug 1789 - 14th Dec 1838

Claimant or beneficiary


Partner in Messrs. Alexander & Co, Ipswich bankers, unsuccessfully counterclaimed as assignee of an annuity of £200 on New Montpelier Estate in St James, Jamaica with his father Dykes Alexander junior and his uncle Samuel Alexander (both q.v.).

  1. Born 24/08/1789 in Ipswich, Suffolk, the son of Dykes Alexander junior and his wife Hannah née Brewster, who were both part of a network of East Anglian Quaker banking families. Founded and funded the Girl's Free School of Industry in Ipswich. Died 14/12/1838 in Hadleigh age 49. When his brother Richard Dykes Alexander made some land in Ipswich available for development in the 1850s he stipulated that some of the streets should be named after leading abolitionists.


T71/873 St James claim no. 1 (New Montpelier).

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£4,696 13s 10d
Unsuccessful claimant

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Son → Father
Nephew → Uncle

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Bank House, Bank Street, Ipswich, Suffolk, East Anglia, England