Antigua 339 (Parry's)

No Date | 161 Enslaved | £1832 9s 7d

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Parliamentary Papers shows 0 enslaved persons.

T71/877: shows 161 enslaved persons. Claim by Samuel Warner, as the administrator of Thos. N. Kerby, owner-in-fee. Counterclaim from G. W. Ottley and F. B. Ottley, as the executors of Richard Byam, a mortgagee. Counterclaim from Charles, Arthur and William Pott junior, of Bridge Street, Southwark, for 'Legacy of £3000 under the will of Hamilton Kerby' (as trustees according to a second counterclaim).

See also Antigua claim no. 349.  

T71/250 : Samuel Warner was resident at the time of the 1832 registration for Stoney Hill estate.

‘Slaves in the colonies’, House of Commons Parliamentary Papers 1826-7 (111) (146) p. 4: Samuel Warner (as Assistant Justice) registered 1385 enslaved persons, as proprietor, attorney and executor.

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