Jamaica Hanover 507 (Mount Pleasant)

14th Dec 1835 | 131 Enslaved | £2657 3s 7d

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Parliamentary Papers p. 305.


Eleanor Douglas versus William Harrison & others. James Deans, of Hanover, is shown as Manager under the Court of Chancery in England.


Jamaica Almanac (1811): estate registered to Henry Jackson.


Jamaica Almanac (1826 & 1833): estate registered to the heirs of Henry Jackson.


Jamaica Almanac (1838): estate registered to Henry Jackson (deceased).

TNA C101/145 Accounts in: Short title: Douglas v Harrison. Plaintiffs: Eleanor Douglas, widow, a pauper, Jane Wilhelmina Douglas. Defendants: William Harrison, Robert Shawe, Henry Jackson, John Jackson, Thomas Gowland, Samuel Gilbee, John Forbes Thomas and Mary his wife, William Roscoe, William Earl, Arthur Haywood, Richard Gwyllim or Gwilym and Jane his wife, John Manor. Receiver: Edward Beckwell [=Bedwell] Kemble, consignee of the produce of the estate, West India broker. Estate: Mount Pleasant Plantation, Hanover, Jamaica, West Indies; sales of sugar, rum. Details: Names of ships insured with cargoes, consignee's outgoings including duty and dock charges, insurance premiums, samples, warehouse rent in London. Chancery Master: Farrer

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Mount Pleasant

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