Jamaica Port Royal 6 (Resource)

15th Aug 1836 | 227 Enslaved | £4565 16s 7d

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Parliamentary Papers p. 296.

William Pratt & others vs Browne Willis & others.

T71/864: shows Browne Willis as heir at law of John Willis, a merchant of London.

T71/1607: letter, dated 20/06/1836, from Oliverson and Co., stating that Capt. Willis is now in Jamaica. Resource is a coffee estate; Browne Willis retired as a Lt.-Gen..

T71/1195: has some detail of Pratt vs Willis: Wm. Pratt (deceased) was the surviving partner of Horatio Clagett; Browne Willis had counterclaimed vs James Cockburn, of Duke St., Kingston, who was receiver in cause 'Commissioners Greenwich Hospital v Willis et al.'

Jamaica Alamanacs: estate owned by 'Willis, B. and J. Cockburn' (1833), 'Tyrell, Joseph, attorney' (1826), Joseph Tyrrell (1822), 'Shand, Hon. John and Robert Smart, attorneys' (1816).

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