Jamaica Trelawney 76 (Colchis)

19th Dec 1836 | 101 Enslaved | £1944 4s 5d

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Parliamentary Papers p. 307.

T71/874: claim from M.G. Earnshaw, Wm. Frater and Thos. Underhill, as agents to the heirs of Samuel Graves. Counterclaim from Philip Vaughan, the surviving partner of John Vaughan, as mortgagee in fee for £4104 18s 7d on 30/04/1834 (but dating from 02/05/1801). Philip Vaughan withdrew his counterclaim at one point and then reinstated it.

T71/1608: letters, dated 08/06/1836, 07/10/1836 and 10/10/1836, showing Philip Vaughan's anxiety about the process. He asks: have M.G. Earnshaw etc. withdrawn counterclaim? Is the power of attorney right? I have power of attorney from parties but should I get them to withdraw the claim in Jamaica or should I prefer counterclaim here?

Times 31/05/1864 p. 4: advert pursuant to 22 and 23 Victoria Cap. 35, 'an Act to further amend the law of property and to Relieve Trustees', asking for creditors of Philip Vaughan, late of Redland in the parish of Westbury-upon-trym in the city of Bristol. This advert gives his death as 14/04/1864 and his will was proved by Rev. James Stuart Vaughan of Slapton Devon and Philip Henry Vaughan, of Redland.

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