Jamaica Trelawny 386 (Southfield)

19th Dec 1836 | 59 Enslaved | £1161 8s 5d

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Parliamentary Papers p. 307.

T71/874: claim from Catherine Haughton Jackson, as 'Tenant in possession annuitant of £600 sterling'. Wm. Lake acted as agent for Catherine Haughton Jackson.

T71/1608: letter, dated 14/03/1837,  from Edward Tyler Coleman, Albion cottage, Spa, Gloucester, stating: thank you for telling us we're too late; 'My wife's claim was founded upon the will of her deceased Father Edmund Jackson Esq. who devised Southfield Estate to her Mother, for her life, for the maintenance of herself and children'; 'How much did Catherine Haughton Jackson (her (i.e. Coleman's wife's) mother) get?'; 'presuming, as we did not notice the Advertisement, our only remedy now, unfortunately, will be to apply legally to her'.

Letter, dated 07/03/1837, shows Edward Tyler Coleman was pursuing arrears of maintenance: 'It seems by a letter this day received from her mother Catherine Haughton Jackson, you have paid her the whole amount - by which she will be left destitute unless she have redress from you, or be involved in a Law-Suit'; 'If govt decide, that it be equitable to reduce her to starvation...it seems a case of that Nature, that requires Explanation'.

T71/1594 p. 11 & p. 17: letters to Edward Tyler Coleman, Albion cottage, stating that the award was made to Mrs Jackson. All parties were at the hearing except you; gives details of award.

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