Jamaica St Andrew 208 (part) (Mount Airy)

20th Feb 1837 | 52 Enslaved | £734 10s 0d

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Parliamentary Papers p. 297.


T71/865: claim from Alex Forbes, of St Andrew, as trustee and executor of James A. Allan (deceased). Benjamin Joseph Trueman Nightingale counterclaimed as mortgagee in fee and judgement creditor (dated February 1832) for £839 1s 3d.


T71/1607: letter, dated 24/04/1834, from C.J. Jenkinson, on behalf of Alexander Campbell Hunter, one of the executors under the will of James Allan Allan. States that Hunter is a bond creditor of the testator, to the amount of one thousand pounds, and resides in this country.


T71/1607: indignant letter, dated 15/05/1837, from A.C. Hunter, 3 Vine Place, Old Hoxton, expressing 'surprise and mortification' at the award - 'time after time I have waited in the Office below you in Gt George St exhibiting my letters of admin. and was always given to understand that nothing final could be decided without my presence or signature'; 'a subject of such vital importance to my self and my family'; 'an unaccountable and to me ruinous decision, I being the only individual instrumental in gaining possesion of the Plantation after being deprived for upwards of 15 years and at the risk of my life in facing the climate of Jamaica leaving my wife and young family unprotected during my absence'.


T71/1594 pp. 55-6: letter of reply, dated 17/05/1837, to A.C. Hunter, 3 Vine Place, stating that nothing can be done as it was heard in Hunter's absence.


T71/1607: letter, dated 23/10/1835,from Agnes A. Allan, Galstone, Ayrshire, Scotland, re. the claim from Forbes, stating: 'apptd by my late husband and to whom I gave my power of attorney to protect me as a widow, has ordered his man of business to put in  a claim there in my favour, for my rights of dowry in the comp. money, and hopes I have put one in, in England'. Refers also to the counterclaim from the trustee in London, Mr Hunter: 'I would only wish it paid to myself personnally or to the agent I shall chosse to appoint'. A note in A.C. Hunter's letter by the Court of Chancery states that the award has been adjudged to Benjamin Joseph Trueman Nightingale to the extent of the mortgage; the residue was awarded between two judgement creditors, 'Williams and Murphy'.

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St Andrew
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208 (part)
Mount Airy

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