Jamaica St David 122 (Norris Estate)

21st Mar 1836 | 231 Enslaved | £4641 3s 3d

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Parliamentary Papers p. 47.


T71/866: claim from Harriott Strachan, John Gordon and Thomas McKenzie, of Great Britain, as executors and trustees of Thomas Renny Strachan.


T71/1607: letter, dated 31/10/1839, from Ellen Blades, Kirkby, Lonsdale (Cumbria), one of the daughters of the late John [sic] Reiny, stating that John Reiny died about 19 years ago, leaving an estate called Norris Head with 210 slaves and another called Swamp Head with 198 slaves to his children, 'which property I understood could under the provisions of his will neither be sold nor mortgaged'. Asks: what has happened to the compensation?; 'I am the wife of an outpensioner of Chelsea Hospital (London) - we have been buffetted about in the world - suffered many privations - which has hitherto been the means of preventing us from establishing our claim on the above property'. (See also St David claim no. 104).


T71/1594 p. 278: letter, dated 04/11/1839, to Mrs Ellen Blades, Kirby, Lonsdale, giving details of awards and stating that it is too late to claim.  


T71/144 p. 293: Simon Taylor, as attorney to the executors and trustees of T. R. Strachan, registered 231 enslaved persons on Norris Estate in 1832.


David Macgregor Peter, The baronage of Angus and Mearns, comprising the genealogy of three hundred and sixty families ... being a guide to the tourist and heraldic artist (Edinburgh, Oliver and Boyd, 1856) pp. 331-2: Thomas Renny Strachan died on 20/10/1823 without issue. He had succeeded his brother Alexander in around 1809, and married Harriet, the daughter of the late Mr Moyn [sic], who held a high situation under Government, survived him 30 years, and died issueless. Thomas Renny Strachan bequeathed his estates at Tarrie and Seaton to John Renny Strachan Carnegie, the second son of the late Sir David Carnegie bart., of Kinnaird (Scotland), by a testamentary deed of gift on the demise of the life-renter Mrs Thomas Renny Strachan, she having no issue.

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St David
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Norris Estate
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