Jamaica St Elizabeth 348A & B (Bogue Estate)

21st Dec 1835 | 363 Enslaved | £7467 15s 2d

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Parliamentary Papers p. 57.

348A - £3733 17s 7d went to J. F. Foster; 348B - £3733 17s 7d went to J. F. Foster, Morrice & Ridgard.

T71/870: claim by Frederick William Forster, as tenant in tail for one moiety, and the trustees of John Forster for the other moiety. Counterclaim from John Frederick Foster, as owner in fee. Morrice and Ridgard were trustees for Geo. [?] Forster.

T71/1608: letter, dated 31/12/1835, from Johnstone & Farquhar, stating: 'All 3 gentlemen were in fact appointed but Mr Ridgard never proved the will or in any manner acted as trustee or executor, on the contrary he lodged the claim as attorney of the trustees of J. Foster. Mr Morrice and Mr J.F. Foster wish to receive the money but they cannot now do so without a power of attorney from Mr Ridgard who is in Jamaica'. Probate of J. Foster's will deposited with the Court of Chancery will show that Mr Ridgard 'has no interest whatever except being appointed executor'.

Jamaica Almanac (1833): Bogue estate registered to Foster Frederick [sic], William and John.

Jamaica Almanac (1811): Elim and Modina estates registered to Thomas Foster; Bogue estate registered to Frederick William Forster and John Foster; Lancaster estate registered to Charles Foster; Two Mile Wood registered to John Foster.

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St Elizabeth
Claim No.
348A & B
Bogue Estate
Collected by
Mallalieu, Wm (A); Morrice, wm (B)

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