Jamaica St Mary 169

26th Oct 1835 | 1 Enslaved | £19 10s 10d

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Parliamentary Papers p. 11.


T71/1594 p. 145: letter dated 18/11/1837 to Ms Eliza Livingston, 8 Dorset Place, Dorset Square stating the award can only be made to a representative of the estate of Catherine Saunders.


T71/1606: letter from Eliza Livingston received 08/11/1837 stating Jasper H. Livingston was trustee under the will of his sister Catharine Saunders, who left all her property to her nieces, his daughters; the enslaved person in this claim was HER property. On the death of Jasper H. Livingston, trusteeship devolved upon his son Edwin Livingston, who was also executor, but his power of attorney was rejected by the National Debt Office. Enquiry as to anything else Eliza Livingston can do apart from send letters of administration, 'which are attended with great expense in a colony.'

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