Jamaica Vere 37 (Harmony Hall)

5th Oct 1835 | 159 Enslaved | £3018 16s 11d

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Parliamentary Papers p. 19.


T71/858: claim by Mrs Mary McKenzie, as owner in fee (withdrawn). Counterclaim by Joseph Brooks Yates, as 'assignee of certain mortgages for £5000'. Counterclaim included also Rt Hon. George Stevens Byng and his trustees (the Duke of Richmond and the Earl of Wiltshire), claiming 1/3rd of the estate and an annuity of £300 per annum charged upon the estate subject to the mortage of £5000 vested in Messrs. Brooks Yates.


Jamaica Almanac: Harmony Hall is shown as owned by the heirs of P. Mackenzie (1815) and by Mary Mackenzie (1833).


T71/1185: counterclaim from the Rt. Hon. George Stevens Byng and his trustees, namely the Duke of Richmond and the Rt. Hon. John Earl of Wilts, in reversion expectant on decease of Mary Mackenzie. Mary Mackenzie, of Twickenham, was the widow of Peter Mackenzie (and grandmother of George Stevens Byng).

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Harmony Hall
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Kennard, John of W J Denison, John Kennard & J Pemberton

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