Jamaica St Elizabeth 296 (Emmaus Pen)

5th Dec 1836 | 131 Enslaved | £2398 13s 5d

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Parliamentary Papers p. 301.

T71/870: claim from John Cuff, as tenant for life (in tail) and administrator of Michael Cuff. Counterclaims from Sir Francis Mollineux Ommaney and Pascoe St Ledger Grenfell, as trustees for £402 15s 71/4/d; and from family legatees.

T71/1608: letter, dated 22/10/1835, from J. Prentergast [the acting executor for legatees?], Waterland House, Tuam, stating: please don't pay to anyone without my authority on my counterclaim. Letter, dated 08/08/1836, from J. Prentergast, enquiring into the status on this claim.

T71/1593 p. 248: letter, dated 11/08/1836, to J. Prenterhast, re. the timing of contested claims. Letter, dated 16/11/1836, from J. Prentergast, stating: 'I think it is right to make your acquaintance with a conditional compromise which all the legatees of the late Mr Cuff...have entered into with his son John Cuff now in London'. The estate could not meet the debts and legacies: 'we have therefore consented to take five shillings and two pence British for every Jamaican pound provided he pays this amount previous to the day on which the execution of this cause is to come before you, if he does not the compromise is not valid [?] and I must proceed myself to London'. Letter, dated 09/09/1835, from James French, at Miss Delurys, High St., Galway, stating that he is an executor with Mr James Cuff, of Creagh, to the late Michael Cuff's will, but that 'no application has been made to me, to act under said will, nor have I renounced the executorship; yet I understand some of the late Mr Cuff's relatives have preferred claims or counterclaims for compensation. My wife, and her Mother, who was Aunt to the late Mr Cuff, had good reasons to expect legacies under the will, and although I have made repeated applications to the parties here, fo a copy of said will, or some information on the subject they have always declined complying with my wishes'; 'May I therefore have copies of claims/counterclaims?'.

T71/1592 p. 245: letter from the Court of Chancery to James French, High St., Galwey, stating that it is too late for a counterclaim.

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St Elizabeth
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Emmaus Pen

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