Jamaica St Elizabeth 345 (Lancaster)

6th Nov 1837 | 167 Enslaved | £3127 3s 1d

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Parliamentary Papers p. 302.

The award was split: £652 7s 5d went to Elizabeth Haworth; £2474 15s 8d went to Thanet, Grimston, and the two Fosters.

T71/870: claim by Charles Forster esq., as 'owner in fee in fee of 32 slaves and tenant for life of 135 slaves'. Elizabeth Haworth claimed as a legatee of S.W. Forster, apparently for 35 enslaved persons; the Forsters were judgement creditors; John Frederic Foster was 'remainder man for life under will of Thos Forster'.

T71/1593: letter from George Foster, of 10 Dorset Place, Dorset Sq., re. late counterclaim for St Elizabeth claim nos. 345-7 for portion of slaves claimed by Charles Forster as tenant for life (T71/1608 - George Foster, received 30/01/1836).

T71/1608: letter, dated 21/10/1841, from John F. Fearon, Temple, asking for details of St Elizabeth claim nos. 345, 346 and 347, 'required in consequence of the property being about to be sold'.

Jamaica Almanac (1833): Lancaster estate registered to Charles Foster.

Edward Hyde East, Reports of Cases Argued and Determined in the Court of the King's Bench (XI, London, J. Butterworth, 1810) pp. 594-611: outline of court case determining ownership of this estate in 1809.

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St Elizabeth
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