Jamaica Westmoreland 219 (Old Hope Pen)

7th Dec 1835 | 203 Enslaved | £3604 8s 9d

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Parliamentary Papers p. 62.


T71/1008: claim by L. Oliphant, of Condie in the county  of Perth, Scotland, and L. (John) Maddocks, of Denbigh, North Wales, as trustees.


T71/1209: counterclaim from Rev. Henry Mair, as mortgagee for £16,000, dated February 1805.


Jamaica Almanac (1826 & 1833): Old Hope estate was registered to Martin Williams. See also Manchester claim no. 3.


T71/871: adjudged to Henry Mair, as trustee under the deed stated in the counterclaim. Counterclaim shows a deed of 1805 between Michael White Lee and Barret Lee (the daughter of Martin Williams senior) and John Graham Clarke and John Mair. One of John Mair's executors on his death in 1827 was Nassau William Senior.


T71/1209 (Counterclaims): shows Rev. Henry Mair, late of Yeovil, Somerset, but now of Rawford House in the said county of Somerset, a clerk.


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Claim No.
Old Hope Pen
Collected by
Evans, ER, atty of Evans and TSmith

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Beneficiary unsuccessful
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