Jamaica Trelawny 409 (Bunkers Hill)

8th Feb 1836 | 149 Enslaved | £2793 18s 4d

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Parliamentary Papers p. 77.


T71/874: claim from E. Oakley (hand corrected to Oakeley), Wm. Oakley and Thomas Hinckley, as trustees of the late Sir Charles Oakley (the mortgagee in possession).


Jamaica Almanac (1826): Bunkers Hill estate registered to George Reid.  


See also Trelawny claim no. 531 for another Oakeley claim and Trelawny claim no. 417 for another George Reid (probably the father of this one).


T71/1608: letter, dated 29/01/(1835 or 1836?), from Mrs Reid (the widow of the late Geo. Reid), of St Margaret Terrace, Rochester, Kent, asking what steps she should take to claim compensation for slaves left to her by Mrs Mary Reid (aunt, to her husband), who received £130 a year from him for the hire of the above slaves which same, Mrs Reid, as his representative, received from Bunker Hill estate. 'If Mrs Reid is not acting according to the forms, in applying herself, she begs to be informed , who she is to employ'.


See also Trelawny claim no. 531 for Bunkers Hill estate.  

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