Jamaica St David 148 (Farm Hill)

9th Nov 1835 | 172 Enslaved | £3714 6s 3d

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Parliamentary Papers p. 47.

T71/866: Original claim was by Hector Mitchel, of St David, as 'Executor of John Biggar the executor and trustee of Henry Stanley'. An added note says 'Henry Turpin claiming under the same interest' (although it is not clear in T71/866 whether this latter refers to the original claim or to Pearce's counterclaim, in the original claim in T71/991 it unambiguously refers to the original claim). Counterclaim from Robert Pearce and Henry Turpin, , as 'surviving executor and devisee in trust under the will of the late Henry Stanley Esq. decd.' and 'Equitable tenant in tail under such will' respectively. 'Will of Henry Stanley produced 23/01/1836. Robert Pearce survg. exon and trustee.  

T71/144 p. 306: 178 enslaved persons registered by Hector Mitchel & Thomas Turpin, as attorneys to Henry Turpin [sic], in 1832.

Jamaica Almanac (1833): Farm Hill estate registered to Henry Stanley.

T71/991 St David no. 148. Petition of Robert Pearce of Coburgh Place Kennington Lane and Henry Turpin of the Jamaica Coffee House. The petition rehearsed the will of Henry Stanley and the appointment of Pearce, John Biggar and Benjamin Joseph Truman Nightingale (who refused to act) as executors and trustees of the will. Biggar died in July 1829, and Henry Turpin (the nephew and legatee of Henry Stanley), then in Jamaica, took upon himself the management and conduct of the estates until his return to London, appointing Hector Mitchell to manage the estates. The petition challenged Mitchell's claim as executor of John Biggar: the claim should, it said, have been made in the name of Robert Pearce as trustee. Turpin had sought to bar the entail in conjunction with James Forsyth c. 1826: there was doubt about the legitimacy of that transaction in the absence of the 'concurrence' of the trustees under the will.


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St David
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Farm Hill
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Pearce, Robert

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