Jamaica Manchester 434 (Newfield)

No Date | 104 Enslaved | £2168 4s 2d

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Parliamentary Papers p. 294.

See also Manchester claim no. 95.

T71/915 p. 52: claim from James Daly, of Manchester, as receiver. Counterclaim from David Hollingsworth on 16 of the enslaved persons, 'as the property of Sarah Ann Brasefoot [sp?] deceased of whom the counterclaim is a creditor for funeral expenses etc. and on whose account he has a liability of £800 currency by reason of his having become her Security in a receivership Williams et al v Daly'.

T71/1592 p. 203 and p. 225: letters, dated 17/08/1835 and 02/09/1835, from Anthony Wilkinson Esq., Sedbergh near Kendal (Cumbria), re. this claim.

T71/1606: letter, dated 29/08/1835, from Anthony Wilkinson, Sedbergh near Kendal, referring to the claim of Anthony Wilkinson against Branfoots estate for £2027 0s 01/2d currency. The letter alludes to James Daly as receiver.

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