St Kitts 748 (Bevon Island)

18th Jan 1836 | 84 Enslaved | £1424 1s 6d

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Parliamentary Papers p. 311.

T71/879: claim by Henry Ralph Willett, committee of the estate of his brother John Willett Willett (a lunatic), paid into the Bank of England in the name of the Accountant General in the matter of the lunacy.

John Habakkuk, Marriage, debt and the estate system (Oxford, Clarendon Press, 1994) p. 455: Ralph Willett, a proprietor in St Kitts, bought an estate at Merley (in Canford), Dorset, in 1751 and built a fine house and became sheriff of the county in 1760. In 1795, when it was said to be worth £10,000 p.a., it was inherited by John Adye, the second son of his cousin, who took the name Willett (sourced to Hutchins, Dorset, vol. iii pp. 304-7).

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St Kitts
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Bevon Island

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