St Vincent 605 & 606 (Petit Bordelle and Sharpe's Estates)

12th Apr 1839 | 175 Enslaved | £3029 15s 4d

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Not listed in Parliamentary Papers.


T71/892: claim by Wm Laborde as Receiver of Michael White's Estates. Counterclaims from: J.W. Borradaile and Joseph Edlman; Samuel and John Greatheed; Wm Hodges of Broad St London; Catherine Hupey (Hussey?) of Brussels.


T71/500 p. 177: enslaved persons registered by William Laborde to Michael White senior in 1834.

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St Vincent
Claim No.
605 & 606
Petit Bordelle and Sharpe's Estates

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Unsuccessful claimant
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Awardee (Receiver)

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