St Vincent 635 (Grove Estate)

14th May 1838 | 83 Enslaved | £2207 4s 11d

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Not listed in Parliamentary Papers.

T71/892: claim by Henrietta Hill, owner-in-fee. Counterclaims from 3 female annuitants [Lucinda, Jane and Mary Gordon] under the will of Anthony Gordon for £240; John Thomson of Belfast for himself and co-executors under will of Robert Gordon, a moiety;  Harriet Chapman of St James's, Portsea, Southampton, widow, for £150 sterling for 3 years arrears of annuity due in Sept 1835.

T71/1610: letter from Cruickshank and Wakefield, Gosport, counterclaim of a poor woman [Harriet Chapman?]: 'The present case is of a peculiar hardship. The annuity bequeathed to this poor woman being intended by the testator as a comfortable provision made for her as an old servant, for long, and faithful services, she returned to England depending solely upon it for her support during her life time and in consequence of it being in arrear for nearly 4 years she is thereby reduced to a state of destitution and distress'. Can we avoid serving counterclaims personally because of expense?

T71/1622 arbitration dated 14/05/1838: John Constable of Lime St, merchant, and Robert Dalrymple of East Inda Chambers, Leadenhall St, merchant, were trustees, to pay one-third part [?] of the several annuities of £50 currency and residue to H.G. Hill. HC's annuity not deemed to be on Grove estate, but only on Spring estate.

T71/1610: letter dated 12/01/1836 from James Parker seeking information on compensation paid to John Hill, late of Brompton but now in France, 'a client of ours being interested in the result'. Further letter dated 16/01/1836 stating Hill married Miss Harriet Hepburn, daughter of Wm Hepburn and niece of Col Gordon of Grove estate.

T71/500 p. 146: enslaved persons registered to Henrietta Hill by John Hill in 1834.

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St Vincent
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Grove Estate

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