St Vincent 133 (Kingstown)

4th May 1838 | 25 Enslaved | £746 1s 11d

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Not listed in Parliamentary Papers.

T71/892: claim by Wm Dickinson and Robt D. Dalzell, executors and trustees of John Dalzell and Robt Dalzell deceased. Counterclaim by H.D. Baillie, J.E. Bailllie and G.H. Ames of Bristol as judgement creditors. Counterclaim by Peter Mar(z?)e the elder and younger of Bristol, merchants and judgement creditors of £1400 and upwards. Counterclaim by Roger Swire of Jamaica. Counterclaim by Wm Laborde for damages and costs.

See also St Vincent claim nos. 222, 491 and 570.

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St Vincent
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