St Vincent 479 (New Prospect)

23rd Jan 1837 | 90 Enslaved | £2576 12s 0d

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Parliamentary Papers p. 322. T71/1302: counterclaim by John Stratton and Albert d'Alton in suit of Stratton vs Symons for purchase money.


John Bowen Colthurst and Woodville K. Marshall, The Colthurst journal: journal of a special magistrate in the islands of Barbados and St. Vincent, July 1835-September 1838 (New York, KTO Press, 1977) p. 197: Colthurst visited Mr Symons at New Prospect in 1838.  James Symon had been an owner of slaves for 40 years, had purchased hundreds of human beings but sold only one [to save him from being hanged]. 'The circumstance of his never having sold his people, Mr S repeatedly alluded to with evident satisfaction, and seemed deservedly proud of it.' These enslaved persons were, according to Symon, put onto New Prospect after he bought it: cf St Vincent claim no. 478.


T71/500 p. 45: enslaved persons registered in 1834 by James Symon for himself.


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St Vincent
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New Prospect

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