James Symon

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  1. Resident slave-owner on St Vincent. The stipendiary magistrate John Bowen Colthurst recorded his visit to 'Mr Symons' at New Prospect in 1838. James Symon had been an owner of slaves for 40 years, had purchased hundreds of human beings but sold only one [to save him from being hanged]. 'The circumstance of his never having sold his people, Mr S repeatedly alluded to with evident satisfaction, and seemed deservedly proud of it.' These enslaved persons were, according to Symon, put onto New Prospect after he bought it.

  2. James Symon of St Vincent was listed as a subscriber to Charles Shephard's An Historical Account of the Island of Saint Vincent, published in 1832.


  1. John Bowen Colthurst and Woodville K. Marshall, The Colthurst journal: journal of a special magistrate in the islands of Barbados and St. Vincent, July 1835-September 1838 (New York, KTO Press, 1977) p. 197.

  2. Charles Shephard, An Historical Account of the Island of Saint Vincent (1832) pp. vii-xii.

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