St Vincent 453 (Langley Park)

31st Oct 1836 | 287 Enslaved | £7328 15s 5d

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Parliamentary Papers p. 322. T71/892: claim by Alex. Cruikshank, owner-in-fee by trustee. Counterclaim by Patrick Cruickshank as 'trustee - claims the whole of the compensation money'.

T71/500 p. 23: enslaved persons registered by Patrick Crichton for Alex. Cruikshank junior esq. in 1834.

Times 30/5/1833 p. 4 'Suicide of a West india merchant':  Duncan Brown who recently arrived in Great Britain at 58 Upper-Charlotte st [lodging house] 'destroyed himself in a very extraordinary manner'. Patrick Cruikshank was a witness, of No 8 Cornwall Terrace, 'I am a West India merchant'.  Brown had addressed a letter to Barclay, a merchant in Dublin. He 'spoke almost incessantly on the West India question', according to Peter Cosgrave, his surgeon. Peter Cosgrave was Duncan Brown's London agent.

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St Vincent
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Langley Park

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