St Vincent 509B (Ratho Mill)

6th Feb 1837 | 0 Enslaved | £1626 10s 8d

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Parliamentary Papers p. 322. T71/500 p. 114: enslaved persons registered on Ratho Mill by Hugh Mccoll for Richard Rees in 1834. 

Counterclaim from Sir Thomas Neave by John Towgood, banker, his attorney, as mortgagee. Note says 'Admitted by Claimant'; 509B 'limited by counterclaim to £1600'; statement of Jno Towgood limiting compensation in respect of Sir TN's claim to £1600, consenting that £2 13s 10d be awarded to Claimant or among counterclaims as may be arranged between the parties interested.'

John Hopton Forbes and Henry King were assignees in trust of part of a mortgage debt under indenture of assignment and settlement. John Hopton Forbes also counterclaimed with Anne Dowers, widow, as executors of Edward Sharpe, a mortgagee, securing £20,000 to Edward Sharpe (£10,000 of which was the subject of the counterclaim of John Hopton Forbes and Henry King).

The enslaved people for this award are included under St Vincent 509A.

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St Vincent
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Ratho Mill

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