Tobago 49 (Belmont)

2nd May 1836 | 101 Enslaved | £2251 4s 9d

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Parliamentary Papers p. 150. 

T71/891: claim by the Crooks as joint tenants by devise under will of James Crooks. Counterclaim from John Murdock of Isle of Islay, heir at law of Peter Murdock for £350 unpaid purchase money. Counterclaim from John Henry Noding, 23 Euston Sq., Middlesex, as mortgagee. Letter from R. & T. Crooks dated 05/03/1840 saying that Noding [of Gordon st, Gordon Sq] had been paid the award, but had put it to account current (at 5%) not the mortgage at 6%, and appealing for help.

It is not yet clear how if at all this award relates to the William Crooks of Tobago administration of whose will was granted 13/03/1812 [PROB 11/1531/199]. Under this will William Crooks instructed that all the money due to him by Messrs Ruckers [and?] Phyn Inglis & Co. in London be remitted to Sir William Forbes & Co. in Edinburgh, and out of the interest his mother Christian Crooks of Montrose should be paid an annuity of £30 p.a. and after Christian Crooks' death a lump sum of £200 from those funds be paid to his sister Jane: he said of her that she had some time ago married 'but I do not know the name of her husband.' If Jane predeceased their mother, the £200 was to be paid to her children at the rate of £20 p.a. His residuary legatee was his brother Thomas, in this island, on condition that he returned to Europe: on no account was anything to be paid to him until he had so returned.

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