Trinidad 1061A & B (Westmorland)

5th Nov 1836 | 87 Enslaved | £4151 6s 9d

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Parliamentary Papers p. 323.

1061A is combined in Parliamentary Papers with 1062A (both dated 5/11/1836; 1061B is combined with 1062B (both dated 10/4/1837). The four are then combined in turn with the number of enslaved persons given as 27, 60, and a single amount, £4151 6s 9d.  It breaks down: 1061A & 1062A to R. Buchanan (£3450); 1061B & 1062B to George Baillie 'for the use of Her Majesty' (£550 14s 6d).  Brunton's £150 12s 3d is not clearly identified with any claim number, but appears below 1061B & 1062B.

T71/893: both claims were from Jas B. Brunton.  Counterclaim by R. Buchanan of Glasgow, trustee of creditors of John McCaul and Jno Gordon McCaul, late of Glasgow, merchants as mortgagees under 2 deeds dated 18/10/1826 and 20/11/1833 for £3450. HM the King claimed for the legacy tax for property under the will of Joseph Brunton, £550 14s 6d.

T71/519 p. 240 and p. 2414: Jas B Brunton registered 27 enslaved persons on Westmoreland and 58 on Diamond in 1834.

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1061A & B

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