George Baillie

1791 - 1855

Claimant or beneficiary


Not a slave-owner, but a London government official. One of the two original Joint Agent-Generals for the Crown Colonies (the other was Edward Barnard), appointed 01/04/1833 and based in London until his retirement in 1855. The awards made in Trinidad to the Crown for unpaid taxes (e.g. Legacy tax) were made in his name.

  1. In 1841 George Baillie, Agent-General for Crown Colonies, aged 45 was living at Hanwell Grove in Ealing, Middlesex with Elizabeth (45) and children William (10), Jane (7), Adelaide (5), Wilhelmina (3) and Richard (1), plus 1 male servant and 5 female servants. In 1851 the family were still at Hanwell Grove: George now age 59 with his wife Elizabeth age 50, daughters Elizabeth M. (22), Katherine F. (19), Jane E. (17), Adelaide (15) and Wilhelmina (13) plus 2 male servants and 5 female servants. George Baillie was buried at Hanwell St Mary 24/05/1855 aged 64. In the 1861 census his widow Elizabeth was living at Summerside, Eastbourne, Sussex with 4 of her unmarried daughters and 2 female servants.

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Further Information

George Walter (1827-1837), Elizabeth Mary (1829-), William James (1830-), Katherine Frances (1832-), Jane Ellen (1833-), Adelaide (1835-), Wilhelmina (1837-), Richard Francis (1839-)
Agent-General for the Crown Colonies

Associated Claims (12)

£4,151 6s 9d
Awardee (Judgement creditor)
£674 10s 7d
£505 10s 10d
Awardee (Judgement creditor)
£1,251 11s 0d
Awardee (Judgement creditor)
£1,514 10s 4d
Awardee (Judgement creditor)
£622 19s 2d
Awardee (Judgement creditor)
£1,745 8s 9d
Awardee (Judgement creditor)
£74 2s 6d
Awardee (Judgement creditor)
£265 10s 3d
Awardee (Judgement creditor)
£216 9s 4d
Awardee (Judgement creditor)
£389 11s 7d
Awardee (Judgement creditor)
£1,251 18s 1d
Awardee (Judgement creditor)

Addresses (1)

Hanwell Grove, Hanwell, Brentford, Middlesex, London, England