Barbados 3661 (Brighton)

2nd May 1836 | 128 Enslaved | £2716 15s 4d

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Parliamentary Papers p. 192.

T71/898: counterclaims from C.T. Alleyne and Richard Deane (as the executor of John Higginson) for debts due to Capt John Williams. John Higginson was an assignee of C.T. Alleyne.   

T71/1611, unnumbered claims package: letter, dated 03/06/1834, from John Williams, Marbro [?], Wiltshire, stating: 'it was an informal claim it belonged to my maternal uncle Richard Wiltshire then to my father Capt John Williams; three thousand pounds was my original demand upon it, of which two thousand were paid to me by Mr Pile, the present possessor - it was the marriage portion of my mother Mrs Philippa Williams;  in consequence of the inability of the present proprietor Mr Pile to pay the remaining part of the principal, I have been satisifed with the interest. It is a matter of notoriety in the Island, that it is the first and oldest debt.'

T71/557 p. 171: enslaved persons were registered by Conrade Pile in 1834.

T71/1285: the counterclaim from Richard Deane includes the following note, signed by Conrade Pile:  'I acknowledge the within claim to be correct'. Richard Deane had claimed as an assignee of C.T. Alleyne (the administrator of Capt. John Williams), for £2000 Barbadian currency. C.T. Alleyne withrew his counterclaim for £3000 currency from London on 04/02/1836.

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