Barbados 4683 (None given, probably Sea Park)

26th Oct 1840 | 87 Enslaved | £1576 17s 0d

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Parliamentary Papers p. 198.

T71/899: claim from Thomas Went as the executor of Wm. Griffith. Counterclaim from Howard Connell, of St John, for himself, John Poyer Poyer and Julia Howard Griffith, of England, for the whole of the compensation to be applied to the trusts of the will of Wm. Griffith. The award was made to Henry Thornhill and Thomas Went, upon trusts of the will of Wm. Griffith.

T71/564 p. 75: enslaved persons were registered in 1834 by Thomas Went, as the property of Wm. Griffith (deceased).

NB this claim appeared in the original database under Thomas Thornhill, although the underlying attribution to Henry Thornhill as trustee is clear.

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None given, probably Sea Park

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