Barbados 793

7th Nov 1836 | 20 Enslaved | £398 2s 0d

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Parliamentary Papers p. 325.

T71/1306: counterclaims inter alios include: 'A Letter from James Greaves Blackhurst of Haslingden, Lancashire. requesting leave to file a claim for one-third as eldest son of James Greaves Blackhurst', 'who married Margaret Hope Adamson'.

CO 28/116: letter to Lord Glenelg from Jas Blackhurst, of Haslingden near Manchester, setting out Jas Blackhurst's claim to 1/3rd of the compensation, and stating that 'my Relation' George F. Benshin, late of the island, has removed his family to this kingdom, and that James Greaves Blackhurst is concerned about losing out as the claimant to only 1/3rd.

T71/1593 p. 52: letter, dated 11/01/1836,  to J.G. Blackhurst, of Haslingden (Lancashire), acknowledging receipt of the counterclaim on this claim.

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