Barbados 4196A & B (Sealy Hall)

7th Nov 1836 | 105 Enslaved | £2151 13s 3d

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Parliamentary Papers p. 195.

4196A: £743 15s 3d for 31 enslaved persons went to Thomas Sealy.

4196B: £2151 13s 3d for 105 enslaved persons went to Thomas Sealy and Rev. Wm Drake Sealey [sic].

T71/899: Thomas Sealy claimed as owner-in-fee for 31 enslaved persons and as tenant for life for 105 enslaved persons, with the remainder going to his eldest son.

T71/1593 p. 142: letter, dated 15/03/1836, to Thomas Sealy, 4 Saville Place, Clifton, referring to the process on the claim, to the split of this award, and to Barbados claim no. 4255. States that 'you and your son need to agree the manner in which the money should be awarded.'

T71/558 p. 151: 135 enslaved persons were registered on Sealy Hall estate in 1834 by Thomas Francis, as attorney to Thomas Sealy.

T71/1592 p. 159: letter to Chas. Cave, in response to his application on behalf of Messrs Daniel & co. for valuation returns for Cliffs estate and Sealy Hall.

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Claim No.
4196A & B
Sealy Hall
Collected by
Sealy, Thomas; Daniel, J atty for B

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