Barbados 3964 (Bissex Hill)

9th May 1836 | 95 Enslaved | £2264 6s 1d

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Parliamentary Papers p. 194.

T71/1593 p. 122: letter, dated 26/02/1836, to Richard Haynes, c/o J.G. Oughterson, King St, Liverpool, forwarding the particulars of Barbados claim nos. 3964, 4158, 4159 and 4160.

T71/1611: letter, dated 23/02/1836, from Richard Haynes, Liverpool, stating that he is entitled to compensation for himself and his daughters, enquiring how to obtain it, and indicating that he wants it to pass through as few hands as possible because of commission. The letter refers also to Barbados claim nos. 4158, 4159 and 4160. He refers to the valuation report, stating 'as I presume I am not to receive the amount therein specified, I shall be glad to know the sum I am likey to receive'.

T71/559 p. 67: enslaved persons were registered on the Bissix Hill estate in 1834 by Robert Haynes junior, attorney to Rich Haynes.

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Claim No.
Bissex Hill
Collected by
Haynes, Richard

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