British Guiana 2420 (Hoop en Vrees)

10th May 1836 | 145 Enslaved | £7784 19s 9d

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Parliamentary Papers p. 131.


T71/887: claim by James Glen and George Robertson, as curators of Owen Kernan (deceased). Counterclaim from James Glen, of George Town, Demerary, as the attorney of Wm. & Jas. Eccles & co., of Glasgow, holders of 1st mortgage. Counterclaim also from Meinhard J. Retemeyer, as the attorney of J.J. Bysterus Heemskerk, of Amsterdam, mortgagee.


T71/432 p. 1283: 146 enslaved persons were registered by J.A. Hewlings, for self and John McDowall, executors of Owen Kernan (deceased), in 1832.


T71/887: shows transfer by Attorney General of Court of Chancery.



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British Guiana
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Hoop en Vrees

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