George Robertson

???? - 1843

Claimant or beneficiary


Resident, awarded the compensation for Hoopen Vries in British Guiana as curator of Owen Kernan deceased with James Glen.

  1. Will of George Robertson Manager of the British Guiana Bank of Demerara proved 07/03/1844; will of Owen Kernan of Demerara proved 27/09/1833. Owen Kernan late of Demerary merchant until 30/04/1827 had been a partner in William and James Eccles of Glasgow. Hoop en Vries, together with the 133 apprentices then on the estate, was auctioned by Glen and Robertson in 1835.

  2. George Robertson had died on Saint Thomas 26th February last [i.e. 1843]. The will identifies James Robertson Chief Justice of the Virgin Islands as 'my late uncle' and sets out George Robertson's claim as reversionary to a legacy of £3000 under that will.


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Further Information

Jeanette Dupre
With Jeanette Dupre: William; Eliza Barbara; David. With Frederica Koppiers:Frederick

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£7,784 19s 9d

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Nephew → Uncle
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George Robertson of Demerara was a legatee under the will of James Robertson proved...