James Robertson Chief Justice of the Virgin Islands

???? - 1818


Chief Justice of the Virgin Islands, presiding over the trial for murder of Arthur Hodge (q.v.), dying c. 1818 and leaving at least £60,000 in personalty invested in bank stock and the funds in Britain. Reportedly an American Loyalist and Attorney General in Georgia in 1779.

  1. Will of James Robertson Chief Justice of the Virgin Islands proved 24/04/1818. He left £1000 to his brother George Robertson of London, and £3000 in bank stock or annuities in trust (the trustees were his nephews James and George Robertson of Demerara and his niece Barbara Ann Robertson of Somers Town) for his niece Sarah, wife of Frederick Rodolph Hay of Camden Town for life with reversion to Hay and his children if any and then to the trustees themselves. He left £6000 each in 3% reduced bank stock or annuities to Johanna, wife of his nephew James Robertson, his nephew George and his niece Barbara Ann, and £24,000 in similar stock to his niece Ann Woodward and her seven siblings (the children of Zachariah Cave and Cecilia, the sister of James Robertson the testator), and £2000 to Ann Woodward's children. He left £8000 in 5% annuities to his companion Ann Darcy and her seven children (increased by £4000 in a codicil), together with his 'negros' Ben, George, Benny and C[l]arissa, and his house at Sandy Bay Tortola.


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George Robertson of Demerara was a legatee under the will of James Robertson proved...