British Guiana 2421 (Clairmont or Claremont)

18th Jan 1836 | 149 Enslaved | £7632 8s 3d

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Parliamentary Papers p. 133.

T71/887: no estate shown but almost certainly Clairmont or Claremont . Claim by John Kingston, of (81) Gloucester Place, as the executor of John Kingston (deceased), Edward Egan nom. ux. [in right of his wife], and John Kingston, of Copthall Chambers, all residing in London. Counterclaim from John Kingston and Edward Egan, executors of Robert Kingston (deceased), by virtue of 1st mortgage dated 07/09/1814.

T71/1593 p. 15: letter, dated 10/12/1835, to Purrier & Wright, 57 OBS, giving permission for the late counterclaim. See also British Guiana claim no. 1140.

London Gazette Issue 19436, 11/11/1836 pp. 2005-6: sale of moiety of Claremont, including of apprentices, arising from the action of John Kingston, of Copthall Court, and Edward Egan, of Broad Street, London, the surviving executors of Robert Kingston (formerly of Demerary and afterwards of London), as plaintiffs versus the executors of John Kingston (late of George Street, Hanover Square, and owner of moiety of Claremont).

PROB 11/1639 01/02/1821: John Kingston the younger was the son and one of the executors of John Kingston, of George Street, Hanover Square.

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British Guiana
Claim No.
Clairmont or Claremont
Collected by
Kingston, J and Egan E.

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Unsuccessful claimant (Executor or executrix)
Beneficiary deceased (Owner-in-fee)
Beneficiary deceased (Owner-in-fee)

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