British Guiana 124 (Dankbaarheid)

18th Apr 1836 | 171 Enslaved | £8800 7s 3d

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Parliamentary Papers p. 117.


T71/885: claim by A. Krieger (deceased) and G. Prass, as the sole surviving proprietor. Counterclaim from Wm. Scott Recorder, of the Orphan Chamber, New Amsterdam. In 1818 the enslaved people had been registered by Hendrik Staal on behalf of the Berbice Association of Amsterdam and the plantation was described as East Bank of the Berbice river. In 1819 the enslaved people for Plns Dankbaarheid & St Jan were registered for Henry Davidson, Aeneas Barkly, John Cameron and D.C. Cameron

T71/445 p. 627: Garlick Prass made a return for 2 enslaved persons in 1834.


London Gazette 20401 08/11/1844 p. 3816: report of an estate (a coffee estate) sold by auction in suit by Hon. Wm. Fraser, Alexander, Neilson & Co., versus Robert Mackie, now having in marrage Rebecca Jane Bracey, the sole heiress and executrix of her late father Joseph Bracey, who was the owner of a coffee plantation called Dankbaarheid and Rimzigt on the west bank of the Berbice river.


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