British Guiana 636 (Plantn Arcadia)

30th Nov 1835 | 77 Enslaved | £4211 14s 3d

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Parliamentary Papers p. 121.

T71/885: claim by Robert Rickards and Robert Dent, as owners.

The original owner of the estate was Mr Osborne, who mortgaged it to Rickards Mackintosh (merchants - Dent retired). Rickards Mackintosh agreed to take Arcadia and £2500 of compensation from British Guiana claim no. 639 (Covent Garden) as settlement of debt.

T71/1610: letter, dated 04/01/1835, from Tennant, Harrison & Tennant. Letter, dated 16/11/1835, from Baker and Hodgson, 52 Lincolns Inn Fields, stating: we have a lien on compensation.

T71/430 p. 551: 79 enslaved persons were registered by T.A. Osborne, as joint proprietor with the heirs of John Osborne (deceased).

Times 27/09/1833 p. 1: reference to the affairs of Rickards Mackintosh: 'The Inspectors have recommended that a meeting of the creditors be immediately called'.

Further Information

British Guiana
Claim No.
Plantn Arcadia
Collected by
Harrison, R, id'd by RPercival jun.

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Deceased claimant successful (Mortgagee)

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