British Guiana 156 (Plantation Everton)

23rd Nov 1835 | 182 Enslaved | £9609 19s 5d

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Parliamentary Papers p. 117.


See also British Guiana claim nos. 288 and 375.


T71/885: claim by Gavin Fullarton, William Henery and William [sic] McDonald (almost certainly Allan: see also British Guiana claim nos. 186, 288, 375). Counterclaim by A.R. Hollingsworth, as the attorney of William Henry Austin, executor of John Tapin (deceased), mortgagee for £4432 10s; counterclaim from M.S. Bennett, attorney of Robert Belcher, of Henley on Thames, 'Transfer' of £8111 5s 6d. 'Awarded Nos 156 288 and 375 upon statement by claimant Gavin Fullarton the different sums due to counterclaimants being respectively paid, and the remaining compensation awarded to claimants.'



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British Guiana
Claim No.
Plantation Everton
Collected by
Crosthwaite, Jno (for Wm Henery); GFullarton; Semple, Robt for WHAustin; Robert Belcher (endorsed by JHDeffell); Eliza Kendall

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