British Guiana 375 (Plantation Providence)

23rd Nov 1835 | 394 Enslaved | £20852 13s 2d

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Parliamentary Papers p. 119.

T71/885: claim by William Henery, Gavin Fullarton and A. Mcdonald. Counterclaims from A.R. Hollingsworth, as the attorney of W.H. Austin, executor of John Tapin; Eliza Kendall; A.R. Hollingsworth, as attorney of Sarah Rader, all mortgagees. A marginal note says 'settled' against each of the claims.  

See also British Guiana claim no. 156.

T71/1610: letter from Mr M.M. Von [?] Rader [?] Erbach, duchy of Nassau, referring to his wife's mortgage claim (it was transferred to his wife and children 7 to 8 years ago). Letter of G.Woodfall 19/10/1835: Rader sold the property in 1819 to William Henery, and took mortgage; colonial interest of 6% has been paid regularly in London. G.Woodfall was the agent for Rader. The amount was £6000.

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British Guiana
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Plantation Providence
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See 156 + George Woodfall for SR

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