British Guiana 558 (La bonne intention)

29th May 1837 | 266 Enslaved | £13378 13s 7d

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Parliamentary Papers p. 318.

T71/885: claim by Retemeyer, as substituted attorney for the Bentincks, as owner in fee. Counterclaim by Daniel Willink, of Liverpool, a merchant, for mortgages of £10065 17s 6d and £29,287 9s 1d.

T71/429 p. 228: enslaved persons were registered in 1832 for E. [= C.] A.F. and H.J. Wm. Bentinck, by W. C. Retemeyer.

T71/1256: claim from Charles Anthony Ferdinand Bentinck and Henry John William Bentinck, both of Wilton Place. The file includes the agreement under which the claim was settled: the money went to Daniel Willink, accounts to be made up, with the Colonels Bentinck to pay a further amount to bring the total up to £33,000 (estimated at £16,000 in the agreement).

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British Guiana
Claim No.
La bonne intention

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Unsuccessful claimant (consensual) (Owner-in-fee)
Unsuccessful claimant (consensual) (Owner-in-fee)
Awardee (Mortgagee)

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