Daniel Willink

1780 - 1859

Claimant or beneficiary


Liverpool (originally London) merchant and Consul for the Netherlands.

  1. Married Ann[e] Latham 16/03/1808 St Giles Camberwell, when he was shown as of St James Westminster (he was in partnership with Charles Latham and John Abraham Willink in America and England until 1819). The couple's daughter Ann was baptised in London in 1810, but Clara Cecilia was baptised in Liverpool 1816. Death of Daniel Willink of Barnhey near Liverpool in his 80th year, January 1859, leaving £14,000. The evidence of his sons' probates (see nos. 3 and 4 below) suggests some prior in vivo giving by the father.

  2. In 1807 the assignees of Turnbull, Forbes and Co., convened a meeting of creditors to assent to or dissent from the assignees transferring their rights in La Bonne Intention in Demerara to Mr Daniel Willink in satisfaction of securities he then held on other estates and effects of the bankrupts.

  3. Daniel Willink's great-grandson Sir Henry Urmston Willink (1894-1973), the grandson of Rev. Arthur Willink (1824-62, left £25,000) and son of an architect William Edward Willink (1856-1924), is in the ODNB as politician and academic administrator, having served as MP and then Master of Magdalene College.

  4. Daniel Willink's son William Williamson Willink formerly of Roby and of Liverpool but late of 3 Hyde Park Gardens left £148,443 11s 2d in 1883. He was described in the 1861 and 1871 censuses as Civil Service - Secty Public Works and Secretary Public Works: his wealth at death is hard to square wth his position if the latter was the only source of income.

  5. Daniel Willink's daughter Hester married William Robertson Sandbach (q.v), the Liverpool and British Guiana merchant, in 1837.


T71/885 British Guiana claim no. 558 (La bonne intention).

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Further Information

Anne Latham
Ann[e], Clara, Catherina, William Williamson, Jacob, Arthur, Hester
Wealth at death

Associated Claims (1)

£13,378 13s 7d
Awardee (Mortgagee)

Legacies Summary

Commercial (14)

Railway Investment
Liverpool and Bury (Bolton, Wigan and Liverpool and Bury Extension) [184598]  
Railway Investment
Direct Northern (Lincoln to York) [184537]  
Railway Investment
Cheltenham, Oxford, and London and Birmingham Union; or Charlton Kings and Marsworth [183732]  
Other partner
Railway Investment
London and Worcester and South Staffordshire (Extension from Dudley and Sedgley Branch) [1845117]  
Name partner
Daniel and John Abraham Willink and Co.
North American merchant  
Railway Investment
London, Worcester and South Staffordshire [1845121]  
Railway Investment
Blackburn, Burnley, Accrington and Colne Extension [184514]  
Railway Investment
London and York [1845119]  
Railway Investment
London, Worcester and South Staffordshire (Extension from Dudley to Wolverhampton) [1845118]  
Railway Investment
Dublin and Belfast Junction (Branch to Kells) [184540]  
Railway Investment
Sheffield and Lincolnshire Junction [1845168]  
Railway Investment
Liverpool, Ormskirk and Preston [184599*]  
Railway Investment
Lynn and Ely [1845126]  

Relationships (1)

Father-in-law → Son-in-law

Addresses (2)

3 Goree Piazza, Liverpool, Lancashire, North-west England, England
61 Rodney Street, Liverpool, Lancashire, North-west England, England