British Guiana 707 (Met-en-Meerzorg)

30th Nov 1835 | 393 Enslaved | £21011 2s 7d

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Parliamentary Papers p. 318.


T71/885: claim by Wm. Wilkinson, as the executor [sic] of Gavin Fullarton and Allan Macdonald. In fact, Wilkinson was the executor of John Newton (q.v.). Counterclaim from John Gladstone etc., by virtue of 4 mortgages.  


S. G. Checkland, The Gladstones: a family biography, 1764-1851 (Cambridge, Cambridge University Press, 1971) p. 320: includes a letter from Gavin Fullarton and Allan Macdonald, admitting the counterclaim. Included without source.


T71/431 p. 1088: 90 enslaved persons were registered on Met en Meerzorg estate by W. Burnett, for Fullarton & McDonald.


T71/431 p. 1098: 407 enslaved persons were registered on Met en Meerzgorg estate by W. Burnett, in the names of John Newton, Fullarton & McDonald.



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British Guiana
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