George Grant

???? - 27th Aug 1862

Claimant or beneficiary


Liverpool merchant, long-term partner of John Gladstone having joined him as a clerk in 1805.

  1. Geo. Grant appears as partner of Robertson Gladstone et al., in Calcutta commission merchants Gladstone, Hay, Wyllie and Co. George Grant retired from another partnership with Archibald Kelso and Robertson Gladstone trading at Liverpool as Gladstone & Company 1st May 1856.  

  2. Advertisement for creditors of George Grant of Gambier Terrace Liverpool who died 27/08/1862, executors Sir Thomas Gladstone, Robertson Gladstone and Archibald Kelso.


S.G. Checkland, The Gladstones: a family biography p. 45.

  1. London Gazette, Issue 20608, 26/05/1846, p. 1958, retirement of Andrew Hay; London Gazette, Issue 21882, 09/05/1856, p. 1737.

  2. London Gazette, Issue 22725, 10/04/1863, p. 1989.

Further Information


Associated Claims (1)

£21,011 2s 7d
Awardee (Mortgagee)

Legacies Summary

Commercial (9)

Railway Investment
Edinburgh and Northern (No. 1) [184558]  
Railway Investment
Birmingham and Oxford Junction [184629]  
Railway Investment
Edinburgh and Northern (No. 2) [184559]  
Railway Investment
Shrewsburt, Wolverhampton, and South Staffordshire Junction (Coalbrookdale Branch) [1846461]  
Railway Investment
Shrewsbury and Grand Junction [1845172]  
Name partner
Gladstone, Grant & Wilson
General overseas merchant  
Railway Investment
London and York [1845119]  
Railway Investment
Cheltenham, Oxford, and London and Birmingham Union; or Charlton Kings and Marsworth [183732]  
Other partner
Gladstone, Hay, Wyllie & Company
East India merchant