British Guiana 157 (Enfield and Nomen Nescio)

4th Apr 1836 | 260 Enslaved | £13522 6s 5d

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Parliamentary Papers p. 117.


T71/885: claim by William Nicolson, as owner. Counterclaim from A.R. Hollingsworth, as the attorney of W.H. Austin, executor of John Tapin; counterclaim from J.T. & A. Douglas & Co, merchants, by their attorneys Robert Semple & Co, as mortgagees for £21,700.


T71/445 p. 337 (out of sequence in the re-bound volume): William Nicolson made a return in 1834 in his own name. In 1819, Andrew Gallaway had registered 140 people on Enfield the property of Douglas, Gallaway & co. (q.v.).

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British Guiana
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Enfield and Nomen Nescio

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Andrew Gallaway registered 140 enslaved people on Enfield in 1819, property of Douglas, Gallaway.
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